Brand Story

DELI is a renowned brand in the field of stationery and office supplies, originating from China. Established in 1981, DELI has become an internationally recognized industry leader, offering comprehensive solutions for various work environments. With a rich history and commitment to quality, DELI has expanded globally, catering to diverse customer needs.

In addition to its core stationery products, DELI has recently ventured into the categories of tools and household items, further diversifying its offerings. The DELI Group boasts large-scale production facilities in China and Vietnam, ensuring efficient manufacturing capabilities.

One of DELI's key strengths lies in its unwavering commitment to product quality. All products under the DELI brand strictly adhere to European Union and international standards, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability.

With a customer-centric approach, DELI continues to empower individuals, businesses, and students worldwide with its wide range of high-quality stationery, office solutions, tools, and household products. Through innovation, adherence to standards, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, DELI has cemented its position as a trusted brand in the global market.